I am so tired of the design world’s homage to reclaimed, twenties-era environments.

Don’t get me wrong – it was a grand idea at first. When Williamsburg’s Moto (http://www.cafe-moto.com/) was the only place in town that had dimly lit prohibition era decor, it was something to behold. The food was excellent (anyone up for mussels and date cake? Or shall we get Oznot’s Dish for takeout?), and the music perfectly suited the environment.  Freeman’s followed suit in 2004 which opened a huge can of worms for the rest of the country.

So what is the next trend in restaurant design?

I would take inspiration from the late Bauhausian artist Eva Zeisel who passed on December 30th, 2011.  She was 105. Her pottery exhibits grace & fluidity, a stark contrast from today’s rustic trends.

In the late 1880’s, Art Pottery gained momentum. Potters combined animal & floral motifs of the Art Nouveau movement with linear shapes.  This transitioned pottery styles in the US to the Arts & Crafts period during the early 1900’s.  Artists recognized during this time are Bauer & McCoy, know for their matte white pottery (Early Californian style).  I love the combination of Art Nouveau florals mixed with early deco lines in the McCoy piece below.

McCoy & Bauer also dedicated their craft to animal sculptures.

While searching for images, I found the ELPA piece on Ebay below. The purity of the lines are a perfect addition to any collected decor. 

How does all this pottery translate to Interior Design?  For starters, I love the look & feel of Gesso which can be heavily applied to an interior surface.

Creative Surfaces company Ambitec out of New Zealand has created a “Bone China” finish, seen below:

Interiors by Archimedia in Auckland NZ

Will this become the Next Big Thing in Restaurant design?  I have no idea.  However, it would be a nice backlash to the rustic, heavy feel of today’s Prohibition Design.  xoEB