According to House Beautiful &, Green is the “it” color for 2012.  I know, it coincides with Spring (fertility, blossoming, new beginnings etc.) and has a fresh feeling from Winter’s palette.

Color Alert “Green” 2012-2013

Why try to force a hamster into the wheel?  I’m not buying it.  There’s something a bit Dorothy Draper that doesn’t fit my aesthetic, however I applaud designers who dare to use Green.  It’s a risk, and sometimes it works brilliantly.  Steven Gambrel did a nice job in this traditional hallway, as well as James Aman for his use of Benjamin Moore’s Tasty Apple/black combination.

I’m dedicating this blog post to my current color of the moment – Blue – Luscious, Cobalty, Clarity, Breeze on your Back – Blue.  Lately, I can’t get enough of these pigmented, saturated hues which stride the lines between Primary, Indigo & Teal.

Each shade of blue tells a story…

Loving Le Creuset’s Marseille Blue Bakeware

The Sicilian nod gained extra props with my Sicilian-born mother-in-law:

French artist Yves Klein patented “International Blue” in 1960.  My prior bosses, George Yabu & Glenn Pushelberg, own a Klein Table which encapsulates this perfect Blue pigment.

I’m inspired by the crisp white light juxtaposed with rich blues.

The aqua water is perfectly cupped against the blue sky.

My friend Ladyshark of took this photo yesterday in Venice. What a difference a little color makes!

Finally, the thick blue glass below are a perfect compliment to an indoor/outdoor setting…