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October 2012

Applause to Brazilian Architect Arthur Casas

Brazilian Architect Arthur Casas is a master of simplicity.  His work maintains a truly authentic Brazilian voice, while integrating the seamless transition of indoor/outdoor space.  He highlights his design process with a minimal approach to furniture design. I plan on using some of his furniture pieces in an upcoming project. Enjoy!


You can purchase his furniture at Espasso with locations in New York, Los Angeles & London.  Here are a few of his desks as well as some accessories for sale:

2013 Color Trend – Hello Yellow!

Whether you love it or hate it, it seems that yellow will be on everyone’s minds, bodies, and spaces next season.

Source: Uploaded by user via Elizabeth Bolognino on Pinterest

Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

This interior does a great job of incorporating yellow without overtaking the room.

Source: via Elizabeth Bolognino on Pinterest A little de Kooning for inspiration…



Perhaps you already have your pop of yellow laying about the house!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Has to be said… this is genius.  And, Yellow.



Fall Floral Design

As we all know, flowers are a key element to finishing a space. I thought I’d highlight some Autumn Floral Designs I’m keeping in my pocket for the season. Enjoy!

Berries Make A Wonderful Base for Design
Use of Purple Vegetation
Purple Brussels makes a Great Floral Element

Bring the Hallmark of the Season In… Colorful Leaves!
Celebrate the Death of Summer, Petalless Sunflowers (with some help from Mint Green Paint)
Fuzzy Pods for Fall

Ariel Dearie does a magnificent job of showing the beauty of floral design is about form, not always color.  It’s a great way to approach Fall Floral Design.

Teetering on Stability

Fall is a celebration of Harvest, your community, your locale.  Find something outside and bring it in!

Simple Always Wins (from blog of Sincerely Kinsey)


A Moment Between: The Art of Roasting a Chicken

You think it’d be easy… this roasting a chicken thing.  I’ve done it about 7 times before, each being a very different experience. By nature, I’m a recipe-combiner.  That is, I’ll search and search until finding the perfect three and then make a joint venture of them all. For the most part, it works.

However, there are times where my recipe combination is not such a hot idea.  Such as last week’s chocolate braised short ribs… do note instagram followers…  you did NOT see an after photo of that one.

Tonight – I am keeping it simple.  I’m combining two recipes, Thomas Keller’s Roasted Chicken & Ina Garten’s Perfect Roasted Chicken.


I threw in the veggies we had in the refrigerator (onion, yellow squash, carrots, celery).  Will update on the status in about 2ish hours.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE – 9:44pm – The chicken recipe mashup was delicious.  The skin was super crispy and perfectly salty.  Honestly, I was grappling with whether to add the butter pads for the last 15 minutes at a higher temp.  I’m glad I didn’t… and agree with Thomas (we are on a first name basis now, you know).  The butter creates steam which will make our crispy creation less crispy.  Tell your guests they can butter their bird when it hits the plate!


A Moment Between – Pinterest Finds

Here’s to starting the week off with directed inspiration – The Perfect Black with the right amount of autumn color (read: Nathaniel Goldberg is a genius). xoEB

East 77th Street Photoshoot Selects

Happy Friday!  I haven’t received all the photos from last Thursday’s shoot, but here is a preview.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  xoEB

Love this Gaston Y Daniela stripe paired with the Paul McCobb stools.  I unconventionally ran the stripe horizontally to accentuate the boxiness of Mies van der Rohe Krefeld Chair.  Rug is the Starsilk from the Rug Company.

Finding 3 brown/white Zebra hides that resembled each other for all the dining chairs was a task!

The dining table is custom macassar ebony with a high poly finish.

I found this gorgeous French Deco console at Antiqueria Tribeca.  Love!!

Denver Modern House – Done!

Finally, a new project to show! I finished the interior architecture & design of the Denver Modern House in July 2012.

And most importantly, thanks to Laura & Eric Krudener for being so awesome, open & receptive to my crazy ideas.  Love you both dearly.

Make sure to check out photographer David Lauer website  to see some truly inspiring work.

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