As we all know, flowers are a key element to finishing a space. I thought I’d highlight some Autumn Floral Designs I’m keeping in my pocket for the season. Enjoy!

Berries Make A Wonderful Base for Design
Use of Purple Vegetation
Purple Brussels makes a Great Floral Element

Bring the Hallmark of the Season In… Colorful Leaves!
Celebrate the Death of Summer, Petalless Sunflowers (with some help from Mint Green Paint)
Fuzzy Pods for Fall

Ariel Dearie does a magnificent job of showing the beauty of floral design is about form, not always color.  It’s a great way to approach Fall Floral Design.

Teetering on Stability

Fall is a celebration of Harvest, your community, your locale.  Find something outside and bring it in!

Simple Always Wins (from blog of Sincerely Kinsey)