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January 2013

What your Draperies Say About You.

Let’s face it.  Window treatments are really a window into ones psyche.  Are you a control freak?  Relaxed & Laid back?  OCD? Blase? I’m doing this post specifically because the wrong drapery style can throw your interiors into a tailspin of NO if you choose unwisely.   Alternatively, an educated guess will properly accent the window and it’s surrounding Interiors.   Hope you enjoy!

See below for a closeup of a traditional triple pinch pleat.  This is very full, traditional way to craft drapes.  The focus is on the fabric, so make sure the pleat doesn’t compete with your pattern you’ve selected.

The image below speaks worlds for this homeowner.  The drapes puddle and have been detailed by a border edge detail.  Fly by the seat of her pants, feet up on the coffee table.  This women isn’t afraid to take drink a glass of chianti whilst chatting with her girlfriend as the birds chirp out the window. .

This is an inverted box pleat attached to clips.  They read simple, elegant.  Note how the box pleat does NOT retain it’s shape when moved… therefore most utilize the box pleat when doing stationary panels.

Grommets… What can I say about grommets?  They are extremely site specific.  Great in nautical environments, provides a undulating straight hang.  You most likely will not see grommets in my interiors, but never say never…

Grommets pair great with a duck cloth or indoor/outdoor canvas fabric.

A cornice is a lovely, tailored way to articulate a window.  You will save money on window hardware (read: expensive) AND infer serious design intention.


Love how the cornice was integrated into this living room corner.. what a way to vignette a lovely view.

I am a big fan of puddling drapes.  They do a great job of softening such an architectural space.

Knot it up, tie it back!  This is a great way to causalize a formal space, especially if the material you’re knotting is luxurious (like a flat silk).

Perhaps it’s less about the fabric and more about the hook!



I think Roman Shades will have to get their own post.  Good Night!  xoEB


Interior Accents: Flowers (Guest Post!)

Hello, everyone! It’s Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a wonderful place to find lovely home decor inspirations. I’m so happy to be visiting here at The Perfect Black today, to bring you a guest post about the beauty of flowers as interior accents. I’ve pulled together eight of my favorite room images showing ways to include gorgeous florals in all sorts of spaces. Please enjoy!

Accent Flowers

Opposites attract in this comfortable living space as tall showy yellow and green stems are paired with a low vase of bright pink blooms. Pulling color from one arrangement onto the vase of the other is a clever little detail.

Accent Flowers

This elegant, slightly rustic, setting is one of my favorite interior images. Simple vases of white tulips and a bowl of lemons work well with the lovely feminine look of the chandelier above.

Accent Flowers

Big wall art is a bold way to incorporate flowers into a room. This pale blue shadowy interpretation of potted geraniums contrasts beautifully with the golden tones of a low chest and mismatched lamps.

Accent Flowers

Wallpapers are another gorgeous way to include flowers in interior spaces. This oversize floral is from Wall & Deco. What a lovely design statement this makes!

Accent Flowers

A simple large glass jar with a few long-stemmed blooms can bring any formal dining room or informal eat-in kitchen to life. It would be a lovely way to greet the morning in a sunny breakfast nook.

Accent Flowers

A mass of fresh-cut green blooms is teamed up with Granny Smith apples for a double dose of this lively hue. Twin white and brass pendant lights are a perfect choice for this white kitchen.

Accent Flowers

Your favorite fresh flowers can add a special personalized touch in the bath. What a beautiful space this is!

Accent Flowers

Nothing says it’s time to celebrate like a lovely floral arrangement. This one is so pretty in appealing in an array of pinks and whites. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these floral interior accents? Leave us your thoughts below, and be sure to stop by Arcadian Home for more home decor, lighting fixtures, and interior inspirations!

The “Design School” of Ralph Lauren.

I am proud to say I am an alumni of the Design School of Ralph Lauren.

Yes, I made it through 3 agonizing years of grad school at Pratt Institute (#1 School for Graduate Interior Design, go Cannoneers!  Wait, what’s a Cannoneer?  We had a mascot?), however RL became like a post-degree program that was pretty invaluable.

Ralph has been a breeding ground for many amazing designers, such as Thomas O’Brien, Mark Cunningham, Mary Foley & Michael Cox, Bill Sofield, Laura Kirar, etc.  It is at Ralph Lauren where you learn about water vs. oil gold leafing…  the elusiveness of an authentic black and gold pot , the appropriateness of the right pinch pleat, the proper way to upholster just about anything.  Ralph Lauren Interior Designers learn how to make things, not just specify them.

IMG_0433 IMG_1714

Below are some of the projects I worked on while practicing Interiors at Ralph Lauren. xoEB

888 Madison Avenue – Womens & Home Flagship


CS101210_2_0095  CS101210_3_0043 CS101210_2_0076CS101210_3_0041

Seoul, South Korea Flagship

Ralph Lauren Seoul - Main entrance day Ralph Lauren Seoul - Staircase 2 Ralph Lauren Seoul - Purple Label 1

Greenwich, CT Flagship

RC110909_1_0098RC110909_1_0078 RC110909_1_0096  RC110909_1_0105

Purple, the Perfect Winter Color.

Check out how a simple pop of color can totally change an otherwise colorless room. Purple is such a great hue for Winter… the rich deep color acknowledges the quietness of the season, at the same time gives us promise for Spring. Thanks to Sadie & Dasie for a great photo. xoEB

Sadie & Dasie

Britta NickelGentleman ForeverAnnie GIrl

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Stone Slabs = Found.

Today was a day of firsts.  We selected the marble slab for Tribeca master bath, as well as began shooting footage for the show with Fanuka & his team.  Check out how gorgeous this calcatta gold is!  Thanks to Jorgen from Stone Source for showing us the further into the lot, the lighter the grays became.  We will bookmatch the stone, creating a rorschach effect on the bathroom floor.  I’ll have to do a post on what your inner self sees when the design is finished.  More soon, Happy Monday!  xoEB

Calcatta Gold, Courtesy of Stone Source
Calcatta Gold, Courtesy of Stone Source

Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors of 2012

2012 was a big year for me.  Second year out of the gate and EBI has set a fast pace! I’ve been blessed with amazing clients who allow me to create something truly meaningful.  Below are some selects of finished projects of 2012.  Be sure to check my website for more photos of the work below.

1. I turned a white box Manhattan 1BR  into a Sexy Bachelor’s Pad.  Masculine, Tailored, Composed, Seasoned.




2. The Tribeca Loft was completed.  I designed & built 3 custom furniture pieces, as well as commissioning an artist to create client-specific works. Clean, Sophisticated, Bright, Airy.

Tribeca Loft



Tribeca 4

3. I designed a modern concept house in Denver, Colorado from the ground-up, as well as filled it with some pretty fun stuff. Minimal, Edgy, Open.




4. An Upper East Side teenager let me flip her room upside down; below is the Before/After side by side.  Whimsical, Energetic, Lush.



5. I finished an apartment on 77th Street for a wonderful family. Comfortable, Considered, Sophisticated.




6. A Music Industry power couple commissioned EBI to design a custom hot pink breakfront cabinet for their dining room.

EBi_Shapiro_Breakfront 030

EBiBreakfront 023

7. EBI was approached to give a Park Avenue apartment some TLC.  We gut renovated it, and the clients had offers the first day on the market!  Amazing what a little facelift can do.


2013 is going to be a great year.  I’m designing a luxurious master bathroom which will be built by  Million Dollar Contractor Stephen Fanuka.  In addition, I’ve completed an apartment on Riverside Blvd, with 365 degree views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. I’ll also be posting the finished photos of the Chelsea loft space.

Last but not least, I started blogging in 2012!  Thanks for sticking with it.

Here’s to a Healthy & Happy 2013. xoEB

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