I am proud to say I am an alumni of the Design School of Ralph Lauren.

Yes, I made it through 3 agonizing years of grad school at Pratt Institute (#1 School for Graduate Interior Design, go Cannoneers!  Wait, what’s a Cannoneer?  We had a mascot?), however RL became like a post-degree program that was pretty invaluable.

Ralph has been a breeding ground for many amazing designers, such as Thomas O’Brien, Mark Cunningham, Mary Foley & Michael Cox, Bill Sofield, Laura Kirar, etc.  It is at Ralph Lauren where you learn about water vs. oil gold leafing…  the elusiveness of an authentic black and gold pot , the appropriateness of the right pinch pleat, the proper way to upholster just about anything.  Ralph Lauren Interior Designers learn how to make things, not just specify them.

IMG_0433 IMG_1714

Below are some of the projects I worked on while practicing Interiors at Ralph Lauren. xoEB

888 Madison Avenue – Womens & Home Flagship


CS101210_2_0095  CS101210_3_0043 CS101210_2_0076CS101210_3_0041

Seoul, South Korea Flagship

Ralph Lauren Seoul - Main entrance day Ralph Lauren Seoul - Staircase 2 Ralph Lauren Seoul - Purple Label 1

Greenwich, CT Flagship

RC110909_1_0098RC110909_1_0078 RC110909_1_0096  RC110909_1_0105