Happy Holiday weekend!   A couple weeks ago, the HC&G Holiday House Hamptons showhouse opened benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I was invited to design the outdoor surfshack/pool cabana, and collaborated with some awesome vendors to make it happen.  The house features the work of 21 other amazing interior designers,  including James Huniford, Thom Felicia, Fawn Galli, & Tamara Magel.  

The concept for the surfshack is simple;  I created a space that is comfortable in a really informal way.  The challenge of an outdoor space is really the weather that comes with it, so minimalism always wins.  I purposely created a “club room feel”  with enough room so a person can curl up (bathing suits and a little sand OK!).  I omitted a central coffee table from the shack b/c there is a bar built-in to the stone wall adjacent to the boards.  No one needs a roadblock to the bar after a long day at the beach!


The shack was inspired by a certain moment I call “the Afterglow”.  It’s a feeling you get coming home from being on the water or beach… You’re sun kissed, tangled hair, ready for a cocktail & some good tunes.  The surfshack is the place to wind down, that intermittent space between being outdoors & indoors.  Kind of the nightcap on a great day. A Huge Thanks to Hamptons WatersportsDEDONDEDARDash & Albert, and Serena & Lily for donating materials to the surfshack.  It was a fun project for an amazing cause.


I was inspired by natural, neutral colors with the understanding that the seasonal landscaping around the house will become my color pops.  The MU sofas are a transitional blend of contemporary & traditional, especially with the Curl Prestige Terrycloth sofa fabric in white. Serena & Lily/DEDAR provided gorgeous pillows in shades of blue which remind me of searching for sea glass on the beach.  The photo below was on the end of our installation day; luckily we cut caught a little sun so I thought I’d post.


It’s ok to plan a space in your home to not always feel like a photoshoot.  It’s ok to get a little sand on things and have a proper place to store beach treasures at the end of a great day. The Holiday House is open until July 21st; please go to the house and support this great charity!