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December 2013

My Williamsburg Holiday Hit List.

This afternoon, Chloe & I ventured out to do some last minute shopping.  I found myself gravitating towards old standbys, but was happily surprised to find a slew of small shops with really nice selections.  If you had asked me 15 years ago if I’d end up in New York, the answer was a definitive No.  Furthermore, BROOKLYN?  Hell no.

Here I am, 11 years later, loving Williamsburg as I did the first time we drove down Bedford Avenue post 9/11.

My first stop was at Mociun, where I found this amazing handcrafted dinnerware set by ceramist Robert Blue.  I love the softness of his work with tasteful pops of color that flow so naturally throughout the series.  The pieces are perfect gifts as singular objects or as a grouping.


Mociun Pottery

I also loved the tactility of this woven bowl from Rwanda, paired with handthrown cups.  Simple = Elegant.


Looking for something for your little ones?  My next stop was to Allegria, located on North 3rd Street.  This happy place is the perfect example of good Juju – upon entering, you just feel good.  The store curates items for children young & old, & everything from pillows to puppets feels hand selected.  The intention is clear, and it’s working.  This simple vignette highlights the care & curiosity of a child in such a simple way.


I picked up KidsonRoof’s Archiville for my 3 year old.  It’s a urban interlocking toy that models things we New Yorkers hold dear – an amazing toy for young explorers.


On my way to the waterfront, I stopped into Nightwood, a small shop that sells custom reclaimed furniture, accessories & antiquities. I loved the hand woven tapestries which echo the language in this custom cabinet.  Prices seem very reasonable for the quality of furniture Nightwood produces.  In fact, while I was in the shop, a women came in just to tell the owner how much she loves her custom coffee table.  Simple gratitude.


This little occasional chair is so cute, and at 389$, a steal of a deal.


Finally, I returned to Moon River Chattel, which opened on Grand Street the same year we moved to the neighborhood.  In my opinion, Moon River is a huge part of influencing the “Back to Basics” design movement that has come out of Brooklyn over the last couple years.  It’s a lovely store which has a little something for everyone.

A perfect holiday palette:


Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a lovely gift for anyone interested in cooking (or history, for that matter).


I found this book by Alexander Calder to be fascinating, for a student or anyone who appreciates precision of line.


And then, my holiday shopping was complete.  I can’t divulge all my secrets (hey, xmas is in three days), but I will say walking through Williamsburg was a treat in itself.  I lived through my twenties and into my early thirties in this pocket – evolving with my surroundings.  It’s been an amazing experience that has no doubt has shaped me as a designer, a wife & a parent.  Happy Holidays to you all, and here’s to a Happy 2014.  xoEB

Today, These are My Favorite Things.

I’m feeling particularly color neutral today, enjoying the simplicity of texture rather than color pop this holiday season.  I love the contrasting warmth from material in this loft below.  The juxtaposition of Kjaerholm’s PK22 chairs are a perfect compliment to all the fuzzy accessories.

Cool, collected, perfect Martini sipping fire-side chatting type of room. Courtesy of Japanese Trash.

Function Follows Form? Or Form Follows Function? Discuss.

Function Follows Form? Or Form Follows Function? Courtesy of Japanese Trash.

Black Christmas ornaments are so Chic.

Black Christmas Ornaments are so Chic.
Black Christmas Ornaments are so Chic.

For anyone reading my blog, I love these herkimer diamond earrings I found on Etsy.

Herkimer Diamond Earrings
Herkimer Diamond Earrings via Etsy

A Graceful Interpretation of a Christmas Wreath &  Tree!


Informative Interpretation of a Christmas Tree
Informative Interpretation of a Christmas Tree

The Perfect Black is a chic way of dressing the holiday! xoEB

Dear Santa: Please put Coal in my Stocking.

Hey Santa – I mean Jim Zivic’s coal, specifically.  Zivic is the mastermind behind stunning coal sculptural pieces as well as contemporary handcrafted furnishings.  Zivic’s art interprets nature with a man-altered finish, however just barely.  The dense, rawness of natural form can transform any interior – whether contemporary or traditional.

Juxtaposition of Zivic's Coal

Jim Zivic's Coal Scuplture c/o Ralph Pucci
Jim Zivic’s Coal Scuplture c/o Ralph Pucci

Zivic balances rawness & elegance with such ease.   As Forbes writer Richard Nalley writes, Zivic manages “hone lumps of coal into $30,000 end tables.  On the other hand, they are very beautiful – gemlike, even mysterious”.  His latest line of furniture includes a leather link hammock which is suspended from the ceiling with zipper-like straps. 

Leather Link Hammock via Jim Zivic Designs.


To see more of Zivic’s work, please visit Jim Zivic Design.  Happy Holidays!

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