This afternoon, Chloe & I ventured out to do some last minute shopping.  I found myself gravitating towards old standbys, but was happily surprised to find a slew of small shops with really nice selections.  If you had asked me 15 years ago if I’d end up in New York, the answer was a definitive No.  Furthermore, BROOKLYN?  Hell no.

Here I am, 11 years later, loving Williamsburg as I did the first time we drove down Bedford Avenue post 9/11.

My first stop was at Mociun, where I found this amazing handcrafted dinnerware set by ceramist Robert Blue.  I love the softness of his work with tasteful pops of color that flow so naturally throughout the series.  The pieces are perfect gifts as singular objects or as a grouping.


Mociun Pottery

I also loved the tactility of this woven bowl from Rwanda, paired with handthrown cups.  Simple = Elegant.


Looking for something for your little ones?  My next stop was to Allegria, located on North 3rd Street.  This happy place is the perfect example of good Juju – upon entering, you just feel good.  The store curates items for children young & old, & everything from pillows to puppets feels hand selected.  The intention is clear, and it’s working.  This simple vignette highlights the care & curiosity of a child in such a simple way.


I picked up KidsonRoof’s Archiville for my 3 year old.  It’s a urban interlocking toy that models things we New Yorkers hold dear – an amazing toy for young explorers.


On my way to the waterfront, I stopped into Nightwood, a small shop that sells custom reclaimed furniture, accessories & antiquities. I loved the hand woven tapestries which echo the language in this custom cabinet.  Prices seem very reasonable for the quality of furniture Nightwood produces.  In fact, while I was in the shop, a women came in just to tell the owner how much she loves her custom coffee table.  Simple gratitude.


This little occasional chair is so cute, and at 389$, a steal of a deal.


Finally, I returned to Moon River Chattel, which opened on Grand Street the same year we moved to the neighborhood.  In my opinion, Moon River is a huge part of influencing the “Back to Basics” design movement that has come out of Brooklyn over the last couple years.  It’s a lovely store which has a little something for everyone.

A perfect holiday palette:


Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a lovely gift for anyone interested in cooking (or history, for that matter).


I found this book by Alexander Calder to be fascinating, for a student or anyone who appreciates precision of line.


And then, my holiday shopping was complete.  I can’t divulge all my secrets (hey, xmas is in three days), but I will say walking through Williamsburg was a treat in itself.  I lived through my twenties and into my early thirties in this pocket – evolving with my surroundings.  It’s been an amazing experience that has no doubt has shaped me as a designer, a wife & a parent.  Happy Holidays to you all, and here’s to a Happy 2014.  xoEB