The Fascinating World of Zaria Forman

Wow.  Meet Zaria Forman, my inspiration for today’s post.  To me, Forman’s paintings deliver something that is missing from today’s ethosphere.  It’s time to rediscover our hands as instruments, slow down & disconnect.  When was the last time you saw a contemporary artist working with pastels?

Her technique is so reminiscent of my grandmother Katherine Snyder, who dedicated her life to working with pastels.  I can still smell the studio & see it’s collected colorful mess.  As is evident in Zaria’s studio below, the space between artist & the canvas tells the story.

Courtesy of Alaska-Alaskaa

Courtesy of Alaska-Alaskaa

Two of Foman’s recent series,”Chasing the Light” and “The Maldives” bring awareness to Earth’s rapidly changing landscapes from opposite ends of the spectrum.


Image Courtesy of


Image Courtesy of


Image Courtesy of



To see more of Zaria’s refreshing work, please visit her website, 

2 comments on “The Fascinating World of Zaria Forman

  1. Vivamax says:

    These are stunning. Thanks.

  2. rugruminations says:


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