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January 2016


I’m posting O’Briens apartment an example of timeless design. His furniture selection spans decades, centuries even – but mystically remains current.  The use of neutrals punctuated with the perfect black keep his interiors classic, but interesting.

I’m reminded of that giddy, purposed, enriched feeling from the day of grad school whenever studying Thomas O’Brien’s work. He is the master of “warm modernism”, and upon discovering him,  I knew I had found my muse.  It was the mid-aughts, and I spent 3 years consistently over-caffeinated & underslept. I had callouses from grasping exacto knives too hard, and lead from my left palm all the way up to my elbow from graphite renderings and multi-point perspectives.  Besides childbirth, graduate school at Pratt Institute was the hardest I’ve worked in my life… However, the effortless cool, slightly non-chalant ambience of O’Brien’s interiors kept me going – and ultimately inspired my design style of “layered minimalism”.




Subtle color pops by removable accessories allow his interiors to change with the season. Interiors should be effortless… and O’Brien still remains the beacon.  xoEB


Yohji Yamamoto

via the Big black day — Guðrún Ólö

Coffee Table Roundup

I’m shopping for a client’s living room coffee table.  As we discuss personal wishes along with integrating into the overall scheme, I must take a 30,o00 foot approach to what’s fueling our process…  And yet again, it checks back to socio-economic climate/general wellbeing.  It always has!  When the economy is good, when the social climate is stable – designs tend to be riskier, less hard-edged.  A perfect example of this is the biomorphic movement which focuses on organic forms in nature.  This drove furniture design and architecture from greats such as Isamu Noguchi, Eero Saarinen, & Alvar Aalto. The movement arose after World War II, when the public wasn’t as concerned with machines, rations, & wartime.  Let’s assess our current status: the Dow is high, real estate remains strong, and the US has pulled out of Afghanistan & Iraq.  Checkmate.

Here are some fascinating finds & their provenance. mg_9576_lAndorinha Coffee Table by Jorge Zalszupin in Brazilian Jacaranda.

3689072_zJorge Zalszupin Jacaranda Coffee Table

3705232_zsidewinder_low_view_1__zSidewinder Coffee Table by Plateaux

img_0195_zOutstanding Paul Evans Studio Coffee Table, USA, 1960s

3453233_zA 1970s Glass Low Table on Bronze and Lucite Base attributed to Albrizzi

xxx_8817_1283883883_1_lVerner Panton Verpan Ilumesa Coffee Table or Lamp in Orange Color

For details on any of the tables above, please contact me! Have a great Thursday.  xoEB





The Curious, Inherent Nature of Matte.

As a designer, it is my job to interpret one’s feeling into the aesthetic. Often I find that texture plays second fiddle to color and pattern – however it is equally as important. Today, I am focusing on the understated… the opposite of the spotlight… the curious, inherent nature of Matte.

My soundtrack for this post comes from Japanese composer Takagi Masakatsu. He does an excellent job of interpreting matteness into soundscapes.

Matte is a Thud thump vs a clang clink. Matte is muttled, muted. Matte is a hazy sun. Cashmere. Snow. Winter. It’s intuitive, thoughtful and internal. Private. Aloneness. The definition of Inherent means to be involved in the constitution or essential character of something.  To belong by nature or habit.

Matte Fabrics

Matte Interiors


Matteness in Furniture Design




Matteness in Art

Matteness in Nature

Matteness in Concrete


It’s so important to balance texture when designing an environment. Hope you enjoy!

2015 Roundup

Happy 2016!  Here’s to a facelift and some new content! 2015 was a year for growth both professionally and personally.  Most importantly, we welcomed our new baby girl in June.  She has been keeping us very busy in the very best way.

2015 was also year of change. We bought and sold apartments in New York, as well as continued with the farm renovation (more on this later).

Professionally, my business continues to grow with fantastic clients and fun projects.  I was honored to be featured in Elle Decor’s “Truth in Decorating” article alongside my friend and colleague designer, Michael Adams. I also was featured in NY Magazine’s Design Hunting & Departures Magazine.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 8.53.41 PM


I’ve got some big news up my sleeve which I can’t reveal just yet… but we’re talking BIG! Cheers to Change, Resetting, and enjoying all this great Life has to give.  xoEB

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