As a designer, it is my job to interpret one’s feeling into the aesthetic. Often I find that texture plays second fiddle to color and pattern – however it is equally as important. Today, I am focusing on the understated… the opposite of the spotlight… the curious, inherent nature of Matte.

My soundtrack for this post comes from Japanese composer Takagi Masakatsu. He does an excellent job of interpreting matteness into soundscapes.

Matte is a Thud thump vs a clang clink. Matte is muttled, muted. Matte is a hazy sun. Cashmere. Snow. Winter. It’s intuitive, thoughtful and internal. Private. Aloneness. The definition of Inherent means to be involved in the constitution or essential character of something.  To belong by nature or habit.

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Matteness in Art

Matteness in Nature

Matteness in Concrete


It’s so important to balance texture when designing an environment. Hope you enjoy!