I’m shopping for a client’s living room coffee table.  As we discuss personal wishes along with integrating into the overall scheme, I must take a 30,o00 foot approach to what’s fueling our process…  And yet again, it checks back to socio-economic climate/general wellbeing.  It always has!  When the economy is good, when the social climate is stable – designs tend to be riskier, less hard-edged.  A perfect example of this is the biomorphic movement which focuses on organic forms in nature.  This drove furniture design and architecture from greats such as Isamu Noguchi, Eero Saarinen, & Alvar Aalto. The movement arose after World War II, when the public wasn’t as concerned with machines, rations, & wartime.  Let’s assess our current status: the Dow is high, real estate remains strong, and the US has pulled out of Afghanistan & Iraq.  Checkmate.

Here are some fascinating finds & their provenance. mg_9576_lAndorinha Coffee Table by Jorge Zalszupin in Brazilian Jacaranda.

3689072_zJorge Zalszupin Jacaranda Coffee Table

3705232_zsidewinder_low_view_1__zSidewinder Coffee Table by Plateaux

img_0195_zOutstanding Paul Evans Studio Coffee Table, USA, 1960s

3453233_zA 1970s Glass Low Table on Bronze and Lucite Base attributed to Albrizzi

xxx_8817_1283883883_1_lVerner Panton Verpan Ilumesa Coffee Table or Lamp in Orange Color

For details on any of the tables above, please contact me! Have a great Thursday.  xoEB