I’m posting O’Briens apartment an example of timeless design. His furniture selection spans decades, centuries even – but mystically remains current.  The use of neutrals punctuated with the perfect black keep his interiors classic, but interesting.

I’m reminded of that giddy, purposed, enriched feeling from the day of grad school whenever studying Thomas O’Brien’s work. He is the master of “warm modernism”, and upon discovering him,  I knew I had found my muse.  It was the mid-aughts, and I spent 3 years consistently over-caffeinated & underslept. I had callouses from grasping exacto knives too hard, and lead from my left palm all the way up to my elbow from graphite renderings and multi-point perspectives.  Besides childbirth, graduate school at Pratt Institute was the hardest I’ve worked in my life… However, the effortless cool, slightly non-chalant ambience of O’Brien’s interiors kept me going – and ultimately inspired my design style of “layered minimalism”.




Subtle color pops by removable accessories allow his interiors to change with the season. Interiors should be effortless… and O’Brien still remains the beacon.  xoEB